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It’s like having a pay toilet in your own bathroom

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Here’s a couple more things I don’t understand. In the next decade or so we will probably spend a couple of trillion dollars of our and our children’s tax dollars installing wind and solar power generators, as well as the transmission grid. When it is all ready to generate power for free forever, we will turn it over to PG&E or some equivalent so they can charge us for the power that we already own. Shouldn’t we get the power for free? Want to bet? Same situation with the high-speed rail system that we will build with our hard-earned taxes. Want to bet again that we will have to pay Amtrak to use our own trains and our own lines? How come it always works like this? This is like having to keep a pay toilet in your own bathroom. We seem to be giving a ton of money to the banks and investment firms so they will be solvent and loan money to help the economy. This is the same kind of give-all-your-money-to-the-rich-and-maybe-some-will-filter-down-to-the-people system we’ve used for the last 30 years. It didn’t work then and it’s not working now. Banks aren’t loaning, the credit market is locked up and more and more people are unemployed. Small businesses are closing and the average American has $9,000 in credit debt.Instead of giving the money to the banks to loan, why don’t they loan it directly to small businesses through the Small Business Administration? Why don’t they fix the mortgages and make direct loans through the Federal Housing Administration? Is this too easy? Why are we giving all our money to bankers to do what we can do without them? You see, I thought the purpose of this was to save the economy, not to enrich the already wealthy. Shows how naive I am. Clifford Lanxner Applegate