It’s high time to pay for arts in schools

Reader Input
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Here we go again! The arts take a hit (Journal, Sept. 29). Why is it that the first thing to go in the schools is always the fine art programs? Every educator knows that academic performance improves when students are exposed to fine arts, whether music, drama, or art. Yet we always cut these programs first and then wonder why academic performance is suffering. Also, I have to ask, in case I am misunderstanding, why does a Placer High program have to pay to rent the Placer High auditorium? Understandably outside performances need to pay, but this is a school program — one highly respected and honored. The spring musical is a tradition. I wish I had sufficient funds to finance it myself. Are there any wealthy patrons who can come to the aid of the arts as people have for the athletic program? We need to rethink our approach to education in general and stop cutting programs that have benefits wider than the programs themselves and which have been proven to boost academic performance as well as enrich the community. Bob Namanny, Auburn