It’s not stupid to want tax revenue, jobs

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A while back one of our local yokels decided to submit a letter calling other locals selfish and stupid for wanting a Wal-Mart in our own community. I guess I must be absolutely stupid to want to keep tax revenues, jobs and a little extra money for myself to shop and not pour in to my gas tank. Stupid is paying our county employees nearly half a million dollars a year. Stupid is living in this area and allowing this to happen. I’ll tell you what, I would be more than happy to see some of that millions in payroll spent on training displaced workers in our community to do the jobs we are paying $300K a year for. We could train and hire a whole department for each person’s salary. The community is at a splitting point. I have lived here 30-plus years and it has always been divided by the nimbys and the people for the procurement of some sort of future stability for this area. Enough is enough. If you live on Highway 49 and are complaining about business coming to town, move. Are you that ignorant that you would buy property next to a major highway and then pretend to believe it won’t grow and advance to keep up with the modernization of our town and lives? We have a huge battle ahead of us to get rid of all the local government that keeps overpaying themselves and not representing us properly. Spend just half the effort that has been spent on this Bohemia Project just to question where your money is going. But again it only makes sense to me because I must be selfish and stupid. Jason Williams, Weimar