It’s too early for Palestinian state

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We all hope that President Obama will be successful in bringing peace to the Middle East. But, pushing Israel into accepting a Palestinian state before Palestinians are ready to administer a peaceful country would be a big mistake. Israel has already proven its willingness to trade land for peace. It worked with Egypt and Jordan because they are stable countries that are also committed to peace. It did not work, however, when Israel withdrew from Gaza and Lebanon, because Hamas (in Gaza) and Hizbollah (in Lebanon) are committed (as they openly admit) to the total destruction of Israel. Even the “moderate” PLO has never changed its charter calling for the destruction of Israel. As long as Israel has every reason to believe that creating a Palestinian state would accomplish nothing more than creating a launching pad for rockets and suicide bombers bent on killing Israelis, and as long as they have every reason to believe that the more land they give away, the less defensible are their borders, we need to stop pressuring them and focus on the infrastructure for a peaceful Palestinian state. A good start would be insisting that Palestinians start raising their children to believe in peace and tolerance, instead of raising them to believe that Jews are pigs and monkeys and that being a suicide bomber is their most noble ambition (which is what their textbooks, television shows, and religious sermons now say). Fred Hayward, Sacramento