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It’s time to rethink how Bible would view Prop. 8

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Viewing Proposition 8 only from a religious perspective, we face three questions. 1. Is God really obsessed with sexual details — or is that our problem? 2. How do we balance hearing God speak to us in the Bible without denying the human side of its authorship? (I’m thinking of those several words about gayness.) 3. I believe faith is clothed in literary expressions in the Bible — not so much about fact and duty. Might God not be more interested in our respecting those who think differently from us? Our time in this life is too short to be damning other people for the way they show their love. It may not be long before we learn first hand how God feels about Prop 8. I expect God will more likely come down on the love side than on the perfect-behavior side. Or who of us could stand? Paul Krueger Auburn