It qualified as an ‘estate sale’

Reader Input
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We would like to thank all the wonderful people that showed up not once but twice to our sale. Thanks to you it was a great success. My girlfriend and I, both ex-managers of Gottschalks, enjoyed seeing customers from the now-closed store. As we experienced working retail there is always one in the crowd that is dissatisfied. We had one person complain that our “estate” sign was misleading. I jokingly replied that my job (Gottschalks) had died and that my husband’s contracting business died last year. That response did not satisfy the person. So I went to Webster and looked up the word “estate” and here are a couple definitions: 1. state or condition, 3. property; possessions; capital; fortune, 4. assets and liabilities of a dead or bankrupt person (I’m close to bankrupt), 8. b) all property, real or personal, owned by one. I hope this satisfies anyone that sees an “estate” sale sign and feels it is misleading. Again we want to thank all of you that made our sale fun and successful. Cherie Holm, Meadow Vista