It starts with you and I

Reader Input
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Ah Ted (Sorensen, “Getting back to a ‘Government by The People,’” Reader Input, Sept. 23).
You are a man of my own opinion. Someday people will get their information from reputable, fact-checked journalists instead of Super Pac commercials.
Big money advertising has made a mockery of our elections, probably will cost a billion dollars by the time it’s said and done and has dumbed down the voting public to the point where we are arguing amongst ourselves.
Money better spent to solve the problems. Right where they want us. Are we lazy or just believe everything we hear?
It’s the wording of these big money ads that bothers me, and it should all of us. They are riddled with mistruths, misquotes, little white lies and just plain lies.
Pay attention and check for their validity and be an informed voter. These Super Pacs are one-sided and are generally not looking out for our best interest, but instead their own agenda. Follow the money and you will see who has done what to our country and our way of life.
And become a well informed voter. Our country and our way of life depends on it, where as they depend on us to be fools.
As Arnold would say “Yeah, but they are all bad.” Start by voting them out at local levels, and the rest will fall. It starts with you and I. Thank you one and all.
Mark Jensen, Newcastle