It is up to us to help each other

Reader Input
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I would like to comment on the elderly couple that died (last) week in Lincoln (Journal, Aug. 14). It is up to us as a community to help each other. I found that the news regarding the elderly couple who died of gunshot wounds in Lincoln, very, very sad. To think that there was no one for them to talk to, who could help them. Folks out there, you need to pay it forward, and care about the people around you. Even though you may not know them, take a minute to acknowledge them — take a minute to care. My own father is not here because he felt he had no one to turn to — he could not talk to family. Sometimes it is too hard to tell family. All it takes is an ear. Sometimes, only a smile. If there is anything I could say, this is a lesson that we all need to care about one another. Care about your neighbor, say “hi.” Sometimes that is all it takes. Debi Bidelman, Lincoln