It worked that way for years

Reader Input
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Bullying. I am so sick of this topic I could throw up! Here’s how you deal with the problem. Instead of all the soccer moms, with their sweaters wrapped around their shoulders, driving their mini-vans and turning their boys into girls ... instead of the schools trying to be so politically correct ... instead of government passing yet more ridiculous laws ... let the poor kid who is being bullied beat the holy crap out of the bully! It worked that way for years and it worked well. Bullied kid gains self-esteem, bully gets his attitude adjusted and all is right with the world. Yes, all is not perfect. But the bullies know the rules are on their side and you stupid adults aren’t going to do a damn thing to stop them. Get the hell out of the way. Stop the madness. Works for girls, too. I know from experience. Kathy King, Bowman