Jack Duran worth a look

Reader Input
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It’s a great day in Placer County. It looks like Rocky Rockholm has a challenger in the 2010 race for supervisor. Rocky’s contender is none other than the distinguished Jack Duran, attorney and long-time civic leader in Roseville. I’m confident that Mr. Duran will be able to recognize the implications of a $10,000 airplane ride at the expense of the taxpayers and decline to indulge in such a luxury, no matter what Placer’s CEO might think. I’m still so angry with that underhanded attempt to bamboozle us. Jack will be fiscally prudent and a good steward of our finances. He’s exactly what this county needs to help stop our financial hemorrhaging. In Jack Duran, you’ll find strong leadership and high moral character. I think when voters look at Rocky’s blunders, they’ll realize we need someone who’s not asleep at the switch most of the time. I urge voters in District 1 to get acquainted with Duran before the June primary. Diana Powell, Colfax