Jack Uppal deserves vote

Reader Input
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It is surprising to me to learn that our congressman, Tom McClintock, was opposed to every legislation proposed in the 112th Congress having to do with issues relating to society and women. The most appalling of these is his vote against the Violence Against Women Act which did eventually pass, but without our congressman’s support. The non-partisan American Association of University Women organization which is 116 years old and is devoted to public service looks at all aspects of legislation that affect women and scores their votes, found that Mr. McClintock scored a perfect zero as he opposed everything that we, as women, find essential. This organization is non-partisan and its only interest is in promoting fairness, education, economic security and civil rights. For more information on his Congressional Voting Record, visit This is such an important election and we should all try to become as informed as possible. Jack Uppal, who is opposing Mr. McClintock, is an excellent candidate and one we can and should support. Trish Barnes, Lincoln