Jerry Brown a phony

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Jerry Brown is a flake and a phony! He’s a 72-year-old professional politician who will do or say anything to get elected. In 1956 Jerry entered a Jesuit Seminary taking vows of celibacy, poverty and chastity, which he abandoned in 1960. He received a BA in Classics from Berkeley and a law degree from Yale in 1964. He worked as a state Supreme Court clerk and in 1970 was elected Secretary of State and then Governor in 1974. After two tumultuous terms and two failed runs for President he ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate. He traveled to Japan to rejuvinate and study Zen Buddhism and upon returning made another unsuccessful run for the White House. He was elected to two questionable terms as mayor of Oakland and in 2006 was elected Attorny General. Brown has over 25 years of public service as Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Mayor and law clerk. He’s vested in two different state pensions and with the financial backing of labor has over 12 million dollars in his war chest. Brown has damaged Californians enough! Vote for change! Dick Isherwood, Lincoln