Jerry Johnson beholden to no one

Reader Input
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In response to Harriet White?s letter, ?District 5 job can?t be bought,? (Reader Input, May 17): Apparently it can. Maybe we should find out where Jennifer Montgomery?s donations come from. Is most of it from out of the county? Harriet says Jerry (Johnson) is trying ?to buy? the supervisor seat. If he puts some of his own money in his own candidacy, don?t we want someone who ?has skin in the game?? Complaints are everywhere about who gets money from whom and who that candidate is beholden to. Who is Jerry going to have to answer to if he puts up some of his own money? Himself and not out-of-county special interests! I have known Jerry for 32 years and he is a friend I can trust, as have the people of Placer County for over 20 years in his role as a deputy sheriff, SWAT team member and investigator. Vote for Jerry Johnson if you really are tired of politics as usual! Richard Smallridge, Auburn