Jerry Johnson's dedication pays

Reader Input
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Some years ago I had the pleasure of working with supervisorial candidate Jerry Johnson on an old, unsolved Placer County murder case. The victim was Janet Kovacich, the wife of a sheriff?s deputy, who had mysteriously disappeared in the late summer of 1982. Though Janet?s husband, Paul Kovacich, was the prime suspect, many believed that there was not enough evidence to bring him to justice. In 2002 Auburn Police Chief Nick Willick directed Jerry, a reserve Auburn police officer, to re-open the case. At that point, Jerry began an investigation which would last for years ? locating and re-interviewing original witnesses, finding new witnesses, developing additional evidence, preparing and serving multiple search warrants. In the end, Jerry?s persistence and extraordinary dedication to the case paid off. In 2009, Paul Kovacich was convicted and sentenced to a 27 years to life term. Jerry is currently seeking election to the position of supervisor to District 5. If elected, Jerry?s proven commitment and dedication to public service would lend strong and decisive leadership to the Placer County Board of Supervisors. On June 5, please cast your vote for Jerry Johnson. Tom Beattie, retired deputy district attorney, Auburn