Jim Crow alive, well in Arizona

Reader Input
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In Arizona, Republican lawmakers in a political move, have crafted one of the most outlandish laws in recent memory. A whole segment of society, brown-skinned Hispanics and Latinos, will become the unintended (or maybe intended) targets of this flawed illegal immigration legislation. The law is a thinly veiled tool of racial profiling, a law based on skin color and ethnicity. The Jim Crow legacy of discrimination and oppression is alive and well in Arizona. The new law victimizes both Latinos and the police who have to enforce it. It makes a cop judge and jury over fellow citizens who just happen to fit a profile, and, puts all Hispanics and Latinos at the mercy of law enforcement. This law is something out of the “dark ages” and is an affront to democracy. Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, who signed the bill into law, was asked if she knew what an illegal immigrant looked like. She stammered and replied, “no.” I rest my case. Ron Lowe, Nevada City