Jim Holmes has what it takes

Reader Input
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We would like to take a moment to compliment the work of our local county supervisor, Jim Holmes. Since being elected in November 2004, Jim has represented Placer County?s District 3 in a fair and responsible way. He routinely attends local community events and is therefore on hand to hear personally the concerns of his constituents. We have always found him to be very accessible to discuss matters of local interest. The skills and judgment Jim has demonstrated as county supervisor were honed through his many prior years of public involvement. He has been a local business owner, a chamber of commerce leader, and a member of the Auburn Municipal Advisory Council. His experience also includes 16 years on the Placer Consolidated Fire Protection District and eight years on the Auburn Union Elementary School Board. Based on his demonstrated experience and commitment to serving local interests, we think we should re-elect Jim Holmes as District 3 Supervisor. Gary Fay and Leslie Gray, Newcastle