Jobs coming soon at Auburn Home Depot

Seasonal hiring will take place, managers say
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Seasonal hires are slated to be brought on board at the Auburn Home Depot soon. Leonard Schafer, Assistant Manger of the Auburn Home Depot, said how many positions are available will depend on sales going into spring. “Most of the stores will probably go into a hiring mode,” Schafer said. “We will be doing our normal seasonal hiring as we get to spring. There are a lot of variables as we get busy. It’s related very directly to sales.” Schafer said he didn’t know many employees were hired last year. He said prospective employees should apply online now. At that point the Atlanta-based headquarters office sorts through candidates and forwards them to local stores. Home Depot will hire 70,000 seasonal employees going into spring, according to a released statement. Many of those employees stay on as permanent employees. "Just as the Christmas rush and holiday hiring ends for many retailers, we begin recruiting for spring seasonal associates to help customers during our busiest selling season," said Tim Crow, executive vice president for human resources. "And a seasonal job at The Home Depot can often lead to a regular position if you're passionate about customer service.” Reach Sara Seyydin at