Journal’s Bruce Warren a keeper in the newsroom

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I have noticed of late the journalistic (no pun intended) skills of one of your reporters, Bruce Warren. His writing and research talent are especially evident in his even-handed explanations of the activities and actions of the Auburn Area Park and Recreation District and its board of directors. His recent article regarding the ARD board’s debate about the Shockley Trust’s proposed gift of land to the ARD is an excellent example of unbiased, thorough journalism (again, no pun intended). Mr. Warren provided a number of quoted comments from proponents and opponents, and he also included statistics from ARD’s budget and planning documents. All in all, the piece was quite informative and thorough in its coverage of the subject. Given his obvious success with the ARD controversy, it seems logical to allow Mr. Warren to continue covering not only the ARD and its board meetings, but also other local government organizations so that we, your readers, are broadly informed about these entities. He does a good job of even-handed reporting without being unduly biased by either side of a discussion. This guy’s good –– keep him. Dean Prigmore Meadow Vista