Journal keeps river in focus

Reader Input
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If the door has not closed to acknowledge former Journal editor Deric Rothe’s many accomplishments I would like to thank him for being such an extraordinary friend of the American River. When he first came to town with a little coaxing from the river itself, his wife Carmen and three girls, he became a strong advocate for our spectacular river and canyons. Soon, under his leadership the Journal featured many fine articles and photos that clearly enhanced our region’s appreciation for the American River as a resource to be treasured and to be well taken care of. It has always been a pleasure to pick up the Journal and see front-page, above-the-fold gorgeous photos and thoughtful articles from staff reporters and editors on the river. (This is) content that focuses on the beauty, educational opportunities and rigorous recreational challenges like the Western States Run, Tevis Cup Ride and the whitewater and hiking adventures. Similarly, the Journal has published sensitive articles about the people who are passionate about the river that lead educational hikes, use the river and canyons as inspiration for their art, meditate by the river and clean the river and canyons. And the tradition continues under the direction of editor Jenifer Gee. (Read Gus Thomson’s recent article on the quirky behavior of the tarantula, a canyon resident.) We have had a fun free-flowing ride with Deric as our guide for the last 14 years and his presence will be missed. Fortunately, Deric has mentored and worked with many fine writers, feature editors and photographers that still call the Journal home. All of us at Protect American River Canyons, ASRA Canyon Keepers and the ever-expanding community of river lovers hope that the Journal will continue to articulate the American River in the hearts and minds of its readers. Eric Peach, Protect American River Canyons conservation chairman