Joy of reading is a reward in itself

Reader Input
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I’m compelled to comment further about a letter (Reader Input, Aug. 4) from 12-year-old Hannah Brown objecting to the library’s teen reading program offering fast food gift certificates as incentives. The letter generated a couple of dozen comments online, some of them containing truly disappointing and inappropriate critique (one said, “I’m suspicious” (of her age!), considering the writer’s age and relatively benign topic.  For a kid to point out the disharmony in offering a prize that is objectionable (to her and many other health conscious readers) is laudable. Perhaps it will give us all pause to think further about the appropriateness of various performance incentives for kids.  Personally, while the library (and local elementary schools with similar incentive-based reading programs) have good intentions, I think the offering of any incentives for reading is misguided. The joy of reading itself should offer sufficient incentive. Maybe the library should instead offer incentives for parents to bring their kids into the library and enjoy the offerings ... a superior alternative to schlepping kids to fast food joints, then back home in front of a computer or TV screen. Brad Kearns, Auburn