Juceam restraining order decision continued

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A temporary restraining order was left in place against Scott and Lorena Juceam, parents of a toddler who died in 2006 and has been the focus of two contentious trials. Criminal defense attorney Mary Beth Acton filed a temporary restraining order against the Juceams June 19. In the order she stated “I am afraid for my life and my family and staff” due to verbal threats and other concerns caused by the Juceams. Placer County Superior Court Commissioner Margaret Wells said both parties were in the midst of a tentative agreement Monday afternoon. She continued the hearing until next week. Acton is the defense attorney for Veronica Martinez Salcedo. Salcedo is the Juceams’ former nanny and is accused of shaking their 15-month-old daughter Hannah Rose Juceam so forcefully that is caused the toddler’s fatal injuries. The defense contends that Hannah died of a virus that ultimately led to stroke. Salcedo has been tried twice with both trials ending with hung juries. The first trial ended in October with the jury deadlocked at 10-2 in favor of guilt. The second trial ended in June with the jury “hopelessly deadlocked” at 9-3 in favor of acquittal. The prosecution is expected to announce whether or not it will file a motion for a third trial on July 28. During the course of the second trial, Scott Juceam was banned from the courtroom after the first day of closing arguments because he was caught videotaping Acton with a cell phone. Judge Colleen Nichols told Juceam that he violated the respect of the courtroom and told him he was no longer able to return. The hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. July 18 in Dept. 30 at the Bill Santucci Justice Center in Roseville. -Jenifer Gee