Judges expresses thanks for votes

Reader Input online
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To the Voters of El Dorado County, I can not tell you how much I have appreciated the generous support I have received across the broad political spectrum that makes up the electorate of our community. The opportunity to get out and meet so many of the dedicated voters of El Dorado County was a humbling and inspiring experience. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get out to vote on June 8th whether you voted for me or for my opponent. I look forward to working hard to continue to provide everyone who appears in our El Dorado County Superior Court with a fair, impartial, and respectful forum for the resolution of their civil disputes. Thank you again for your vote of confidence. I pledge to you that I will continue to apply the laws of our state impartially to everyone, without prejudice or preference towards anyone. Respectfully, Judge Nelson Keith Brooks, El Dorado Hills