Judges worse than Stooges

Reader Input
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With John Mendes, disgraced former CEO of the Placer County Superior Court, allegedly awarding himself unauthorized raises in excess of $400,000 (Journal, June 25), one would think that those involved in selecting candidates for the grand jury would be focused upon selecting highly qualified individuals. Sadly, this is far from reality. I have submitted applications for the grand jury approximately four times over the past few years and not gotten beyond the initial interview. In fact, Mr. Mendes was one of the initial screeners at least twice. It appears that the government employees performing the screening, e.g. lawyers who could not hack in private practice and became judges to secure a regular paycheck, do not want anyone on the grand jury who might figure out what a fogged-up mirror might mean. Instead, they want to ensure that the grand jury is comprised of individuals who will spend most of their term trying to get up speed. In the meantime, county spending continues to grow like star thistle on riverbanks while the county supervisors are on an eternal quest seeking more money from the taxpayers to fund utopian dreams of a land filled with milk and honey. Unfortunately, these “judges” seem to want grand jurors who are like the classic monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. These “judges” should be ashamed to collect a pay check. Comparing them to “The Three Stooges” would be an insult to the Stooges. Carl E. Hass, Rocklin