Junior Sewers and Rippers craft quilts

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Members of the Junior Sewers and Rippers from Auburn Grace Church sewed 60 quilts in two weeks. The group from the first week, front row: Gage Tolleson. Second row from left: Rachel Bronk, Madison Glenwinkel, Arabella Krumal, Allie Potter and Addie Layton. Third row: Melody Adams, Taylor Owens, Isabella Reinhardt, Sarah Griffin and Abigail Griffin. Fourth row: Michaela Nichols, Aden Potter, Zoe Talbot, Emily Talbot, Halle Grebe. Fifth row: Jordon Owens, Ana YeFomov, Caleb Griffin, Trinity LaPera, Hannah Griffin, Alyssa Lovell, Ina YeFomoz, Marisa Grebe, Kaitlin Grebe and Alyssa Owens. The group from the second week, front row from left: Heather Becker, Jenna Lynn, Amber Camacho and Alia Lautrup. Second row: Holly Becker, Emily Fleming, Elle Camacho, Ashton Tenorio and Faith Lautrup. Third row: Natalie Rowland, Halle Grebe, Megan Kirchner, Madison McGuire, Grace Halbert, Sarah Rowland, Inga Allen, Katy Woodall, Elizabeth Davis and Triston Tenorio. Fourth row: Sadie Kirchner, Trinity LaPera, Amber Camacho, Marisa Grebe, Arla Gibson, Elizabeth Vogt, Kaitlin Grebe and Dean Becker.