Junk mail a waste of trees

Reader Input
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Where are the real “tree huggers” when they could be useful? I average about one-half pound of junk mail every day, except Sundays and holidays. I know this because I have weighed the stuff over three times. Now, that much amounts to 175 pounds of paper in one year’s time, just for me. The population of Rocklin is 57,000. My guess is that about one-third or 19,000 represent households with each receiving a like amount of paper junk. The total amount would be 3,300,000 pounds of paper. Most of this comes from trees — more than 16 tons per year. And that’s just from Rocklin. How much is wasted in the state or in the country? To add insult to injury, most of this stuff comes with a special reduced postal rate! Frank Little, Rocklin