Jury returns guilty verdict in Moon trial

By: Jenifer Gee Journal Staff Writer
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ROSEVILLE - A jury found William "Billy" Moon of Auburn guilty of second-degree murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated in the June 3, 2006 death of his friend Stewart Shapton. Friday afternoon the jury of seven women and five men announced it had reached a verdict after deliberating since late Thursday afternoon in a trial that has lasted six weeks. The courtroom was almost completely silent except for the sounds of sniffles from family and friends on both sides as Judge Larry Gaddis prepared to read the jury's decision. Upon reading that Moon, 23, was found guilty of both charges, the defendant and members of his family began crying. Moon dropped his head into his hands as he shook his head no. The family and friends of Shapton, 20, of Auburn, remained silent. Once Gaddis had asked the jurors as a group if those were indeed their verdicts and asked each to raise their hands, defense attorney Clyde Blackmon asked for an additional poll of each juror, some of whom had tears in their eyes. As Gaddis asked each individual juror their vote, each responded yes. Moon's father, David Moon, leaned forward in his seat repeatedly saying, "I can't believe this." Gaddis then ordered Moon remanded into custody at which time Blackmon stood to ask if Moon could remain free on the total $1 million bail posted until his November sentencing. "You can see he has a very close knit family," Blackmon said. "There's no reason for Moon to leave." Citing a state law, prosecutor Stephanie Macumber requested that Moon be remanded. Gaddis said he appreciated Blackmon's statement but upheld the remand order. When Moon was handcuffed, a look of anguish crossed his face as he and his family cried. His mother stood to hug him before he was escorted out of the courtroom. As he was walked away, his family stood, calling out, "We love you Billy" and "you're innocent." As Moon family and friends walked out of the courtroom, the Shapton family and supporters remained seated and quiet. Outside of the courtroom David Moon, spoke briefly and emotionally on Billy Moon's behalf. "He's innocent," David Moon said. "He wasn't driving the car. They didn't let us present the evidence we needed. We're outraged." As the Moon family left the courthouse, family members were hugging each other. Moon's mother and father walked slowly, with arm over arm, to their car where they briefly spoke with family and friends before leaving. A similar scene occurred when teary-eyed members of the Shapton family and friends left the courtroom hugging, and walking arm in arm. Macumber spoke on their behalf. "I think this means the family can have some closure," Macumber said. "The jury did a really good job. I know it was very hard to come to a verdict but they came to the right one so justice was served." Moon remains in the custody of the Placer County Sheriff's Department. He is scheduled to appear again in Placer County Superior court Nov. 19 for sentencing. The Journal’s Jenifer Gee can be reached at or post a comment.