Just too many econ imbeciles

Reader Input
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There is a perfectly good reason why California’s economy is in the toilet and why the most productive people are leaving this state. Californians, by and large, have about a 6-year-old’s understanding of economics. Let me explain. Every day the newspaper is littered with letters-to-the-editor complaining that because a certain business’ prices are too low they are guilty of cutthroat pricing, and therefore the government should prevent them from coming to town. Now we have people complaining that a certain business’ prices were too high, and that they deserved to be ripped off. Others complain that businesses who charge the same amount as their competitors are guilty of price-fixing. The truth is that these people are imbecilic bloodsuckers. They also outnumber the productive class by a large margin and they will continue to elect thieving politicians until the entire system implodes. I wish there were a way to stop this. I’ve done my absolute best to try and teach fellow Auburnites the basics of economics, but I’m afraid it’s too late. The ship is going down and there is nothing you can do about it except find a life-preserver and jump out. Californians have only themselves to blame. Seth King, Bowman