Just what is ‘right crowd’ Downtown?

Reader Input
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Re: “Will Downtown draw the right crowds?” (Journal, Jan. 14). Oh my. I was looking forward to a cheeseburger-to-go on the new square. Now I’m worried. Why in the world should restaurants have to “lease portions” for outside dining when they’ve had to struggle to stay open during construction? As you point out, “The entire plaza area was designed to accommodate outdoor dining and outdoor events.” If my lunch is not from a restaurant with a lease, will I be allowed to eat it? And who is the “right” crowd? If I’m 85 and wear sweats with a lot of purple eye shadow, am I OK? What if I’m a teenager just laughing and being with my friends? What if I’m headed to Tahoe and my kids need to run around and burn off energy during lunch? Who will decide if we are the “right” crowd? Do we need to insult people before they misbehave? Will we have a beautiful square that people are afraid to visit? Mary Jo Smith, Auburn