Just what is a conservative?

Reader Input
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I’ve been asking around about our candidates running for Ted Gaines’ old seat. First thing my friends say is that he or she is qualified because he or she is a “conservative.” But what is a conservative? I thought it was a person who is fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ money. But lately it looks like a conservative is a person who is fiscally responsible with the taxpayer’s money when it comes to others. He knows how to cut corners with the public’s business, but fails to see how to cut corners in his own office. I learned that close to 230 legislative aides received raises. How can this be? The irony is that California legislators had their wages trimmed down by $96,000. These same legislators approved pay raises for their office workers and consultants. Some of these pay hikes are more than what legislators make themselves. Who gave these raises? I took “only” the top five from the list and did a 10 minute search: Four out of five work with conservatives. My question is, what are they conservative about? Is this the kind of qualification we want when we are considering elected officials? I wonder. Pat Snelling, Garden Valley