Karaoke music spoiled July 4th, taste for one local biz

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On the evening of July 4th, as we have done for many years (some as many as 10 or even more), a group of my friends and I (with our children) gathered on the courthouse lawn to watch the fireworks. This year, to our dismay, we found that Courthouse Coffee had decided to share, in greatly amplified manner, over three hours of karaoke music with those in the vicinity. Some of our party pointed out to the management that our enjoyment of the fireworks was not in the least enhanced by the addition of music, particularly music which did not suit our personal tastes, but we were told that many others had expressed their appreciation for Courthouse’s contribution. Since this was not a venue such as Party in the Park where we knew that such an activity would be going on and could choose not to be present, and since we have been going to this same spot longer than Courthouse Coffee has been in existence, we think it was inconsiderate of that establishment to continue to broadcast the music. Amanda Canfield Auburn