Kattywompus rocks Cruise Nite

By: Penne Usher, Special to the Journal
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Kattywompus, a four-piece all original rock band from Sacramento, will rock Pistol Pete’s Friday during Auburn Cruise Nite. In the words of bass guitarist Steve Koehler, the band sound like “A dynamically fast, exotic car taking you for the ride of your life with the ultimate stereo inside.” The band, formed in 1998, write and compose the lyrics to all their songs. Rock and Roll is their style, but they also will assault the senses with elements of blues, funk, jazz, classical and hip-hop. “We've had so many awesome musician’s influences between the four of us,” Koehler said. Kattywompus, comprised of lead singer Chris Duran, Danny Zahra on drums and vocals, lead guitarist Craig Boom and bass guitarist Steve Koelher, have sold CDs worldwide with a large fan base in Germany and Western Europe, as well as right here at home. Their appeal is far reaching with a dedicated fan base ranging in ages from 15 to 50. “These guys are very talented and versatile and make something so unpredictable, yet emotionally hypnotic,” said Diane Brennan. “Don’t miss these guys.” Kattywompus follows Shot Blast who take the stage at 10 p.m. Friday June 12 at Pistol Pete’s on Harrison Street. For more information about the band, visit