Keep Auburn streets beautiful

Reader Input
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Twelve years ago the Downtown Business Association assessed itself by doubling members’ dues to start the planter program. Auburn was a drab mess of stone and concrete and business had left. With the planter program we wanted to attract businesses and people to Downtown to shop, walk and linger. These planters are the beauty of our Downtown. The City of Auburn has recognized the fact that you need an eye-pleasing town to attract people and events and has spent a lot of money in the Central Square for plants and trees and rest areas. If the DBA wants to spend money to promote Downtown, we have that money. Anything above that is the job of the Chamber of Commerce through networking and the City of Auburn. If any of the businesses, i.e. restaurants, want to advertise in wine magazines by all means let them pay for it. I pay for my advertisement. The planter money was never designated for advertising and the new businesses in town need to be informed about that. Auburn is a small town — we do not need lies and pointing fingers to get our way. We have enough of that in Sacramento and Washington. We need to stick together here and work together to keep business in Auburn and that means all businesses. Please keep Auburn beautiful so people can come here and enjoy their surroundings. MARGARETA SWANN, Auburn