Keep canines leashed on area trails

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I’m not one who likes to complain. However I feel I have to say something about the abuse of the leash law that is taking place on the Stagecoach Trail before someone really gets hurt. I was riding my bike on Monday evening after work when I had to slam on my brakes for fear of running over a dog off his leash, and of course the owner of the dog had the leash in her hand. I have encountered several incidences like this over the years and I just let it go. What is it about certain dog owners who think they are “exceptions to the rule”? That’s why we have dog parks isn’t it? Of course all the dog owners allowing their dogs to run the trail always look at us bike riders like we are the problem. Hello, wake up and get with the program people before someone gets hurt and you end up in court. I wish the park rangers would start citing these negligent dog owners soon. Denise Stark, Auburn