Keep Cat House up and running

Reader Input
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Please don’t close the very necessary, non-profit Cat House at DeWitt Center. Every city, county and state should have a facility like this, rent-free. I know from first-hand experience how feral cats suffer. I worked at the convalescent hospital on Shale Ridge Lane for 18 years and the facility is next door to the disposal plant where many cruel individuals dumped their cats. If you love animals, it’s hard to see them homeless and hungry. I fed them 24/7 for many years and I trapped and had them spayed or neutered at the clinic run by De De. Some were adoptable and some had to be returned to the wild. It is not a rewarding job. In fact, you take a lot of criticism and that is why we need the cat house, which is run by very dedicated volunteers. God bless them. RUTH R. LaGRANGE, Cool