Keep church, state separate

Reader Input
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Religion and politics do not go together, simply because your judgments can be clouded by what you believe. And we can’t forget the fact that everybody has a different religion, or no religion. Some religions go to war because they don’t believe the same thing. Take evangelical Christianity, for example. They believe that when the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, it will be a sign that the end of time is near. Having said that, there is a group called the Temple Movement that works to bring in the end of time. This kind of thinking will cause war and oppression. The message I want people to get out of this is that there are people like this in power in our government. Should these people be treated as terrorists, because they will provoke war at the cost of everyone? Their movement is self-fulfilling, that is, to make something happen yourself rather than it doing it on its own. What do you think about this relationship between religion and politics? Devin Caesar-Walker, student, Auburn