Keep gas price reasonable

Reader Input
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Gas prices keep going up and the amount of money that we make at our jobs is going down. The price of gas in the past few years has gone up dramatically. Some people have to constantly battle to keep their homes from being taken and can barely afford the prices that gas is at, let alone the prices that it will be in a few months or so. The people running the oil companies know that times are tough yet proceed to raise the prices higher just so they can make more money. Everyone is struggling and I get that they are trying to provide for their families but people use gas and diesel all the time, so it’s not like they aren’t ever going to make any more money. In the past three years prices have dramatically gone up and at some points were almost $4 or even higher than that. People are already concerned with spending too much money but I think that when they go to fill their car or, whatever other vehicle, they shouldn’t have to worry about spending all their money. I think that gas prices are too high, do you? EMILY GEIL, student, Auburn