Keep lessons of history in mind when voting

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Are you voting for self destruction? If American voters have not been wakened by the worst diplomatic disaster in the history of our country, this country is in for some devastating years ahead. The last U.S. president to encourage an “Arab Spring” in the Middle East was Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s when he deposed the Shah of Iran. “The democracy loving” Iranians stormed the American Embassy, took Americans hostage and kept them imprisoned for over a year. The Iranians then brought the Ayatollah Khomeini out of exile in England and formed the Islamic government in power today preparing to destroy Israel at a moment’s notice. Subsequent U.S. presidents have spent millions supporting the tyrants in the Middle East in order to prevent an “Arab Spring” such as our president and his media have caused today. After World War I, the peace treaty at Versailles gave the British and French control over the Middle East to prevent a resurgence of an “Arab Spring” that existed for centuries under the brutal Ottoman Turkish Empire. Today we are watching the greatest civilization the world has ever known self-destruct because of unscrupulous politicians, an incompetent president and greedy corporations supported by a callous deceptive news media. History will probably wonder why the most affluent people in the world voted to continue the self-destruction of their country and pass on the devastation to their children and grandchildren. TED SLIFER, Weimar