Keep rotating Auburn’s public art

Reader Input
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Art in the Central Square is for all the people. Therefore, the art must change, rotate and vary in shape, form, color, style, size and materials to satisfy all the people. No art commission can select permanent art that is satisfactory to everyone, and they should not even try to. It may be important to recognize the past at special times, but not permanently. The art shown should be of short duration, months — not years. An enjoyable, active, changing and educational art display will make the square a “must-see.” The wall murals are a good example of how change and type of art are both very important. Three-dimensional relief, timely scenes and frequent change would have people looking at the walls with new interests. Assuming that all art should sit on a pedestal should also be changed. A tall, colorful totem pole-type sculpture and other free-standing art would complement the pedestals. Permanent art would also stop future artistic activities as well as public and commercial involvement. No funding for permanent art should be made without complete review of all conditions. David Whittet, Meadow Vista