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Reader Input
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Re: Costco/Wal-Mart Bohemia project (Journal, June 30). Wal-Mart would surely not create any more traffic or pollution than a Costco so why the anti-Wal-Mart argument? The population of Grass Valley/Nevada City and other places up the hill go through Auburn to get to the Costco/Wal-Mart stores in Rocklin. Would there be any more traffic or pollution if they stop at Auburn instead of traveling on down the road? Our area would get the benefit of taxes, jobs, etc. Give it some more serious thought folks! Since I am on my “soap box” I have another comment about state and federal funds. It seems to be a constant when projects are being discussed, “We will ask for state funds or we will ask for federal funds.” Doesn’t anyone know that the state and the federal governments are broke. The further in debt that government gets, the more it is going to cost each one of us in taxes. Is there no way that government can live within their means as the rest of us have to do? Of course bankruptcy is always an option and then what happens? MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn