Keep schools free of molesters

Reader Input
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Do convicted child molesters, pedophiles and rapists need access to our schools? The school board for Sierra Hills School in Meadow Vista and Weimar Hills School in Weimar recently voted on access policy for convicted child sex offenders. The vote was for no access, which we were very happy about, but it was not unanimous. It’s our understanding that some individuals want the policy to be revisited. Are you kidding? They have now made this issue personal. This is not personal. We need a blanket policy for the protection of our children. We encourage you to attend the next school board meeting near you to find out if your school has a policy. If so, how is it worded, and is it lasting? Placer Hills Union School District’s next board meeting is 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 13. It’s difficult to believe there is any question about this issue. No matter the circumstances, some people do not need access to our schools. We can take the American flag and pledge out of our schools, deny religion, alter American history, remove swing sets and slides and push personal agendas, all for political or safety purposes. But it’s OK to give access to people that could potentially harm our children. Just think about it. What if something happens to your child? Bill and Julie Austin, Meadow Vista