Keep Shockley name off Auburn park

Reader Input
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Auburn Recreation District should not move ahead on a trail system until it comes to terms with naming the park. To honor a racist, eugenicist (William) Shockley by naming a park after him is a slap in the face to all people who value freedom and equality. Shockley wanted to sterilize anyone with an IQ of under 90 which he thought included most blacks, native Americans and other minorities. The Shockley trust gave the property and $50,000 to the park district with the stipulation that it be named after this misguided man. An opinion by James Deering, Downey Brand LLP, that was presented to the ARD, stated that “the District should simply disregard the naming restriction” as stated in the Shockley trust. This lawyer is prominent in the field of trusts and property. Even though ARD does not have the money to develop and maintain this little neighborhood park, they should move ahead with the naming. I suggest calling it “Freedom Park.” This would set a fine example for our children and the community. Karen Tajbl, Auburn