Keep teens busy, but not on overpass

Reader Input
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This letter is referring to the article in the Aug. 17 Journal concerning teens and the rock-tossing incident. Our freeway overpasses are an invitation to such things as suicides and actions such as these boys displayed. Wouldn’t it be smart to put protective fencing up to prevent such activities from happening in the future? Also, we have a problem with not having anything to occupy children to deter them from boredom and creating things exciting to do. Maybe, as Thomas Leupp said, “There was never any intent to hurt anybody,” but being boys, they did not foresee the outcome and did do just that, just like these boys on motorcycles and the thrill that ends up taking their lives or the ones that dive into lakes and end up doing the same. Yes, it was very stupid and caused great harm to another human being and the boys need to be charged for their actions – but not prison. Make them work to pay off the debt – community service, and working for the man they hurt. FRANCES HARE, Weimar