Keep those big rig wheels rolling

Reader Input
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Seeing the big rig parking lots along Interstate 80 and on surrounding exit ramps brought to mind a subject that I have wanted to write about since I lived in Truckee. First off, I need to give a shout out to all the road crews, chain crews and CHP acknowledging the difficulties they endure when Interstate 80 is closed due to massive snowfall. They are a tough group of people and not recognized for what they endure during those times. Secondly, a shout out to all those big rigs in those parking lots, a group of unsung heroes. Due to the fact that our country did not develop a good rail system, all of our needs and wants are trucked daily in this country. This is done by a group of men and woman who don’t make a lot of money, who are away from their families and are losing money every minute that Interstate 80 is shut down. I truly appreciate the fact that the merchants in the mountain communities rely heavily on the ski tourism. I managed a store in Truckee for two years and know first-hand what the closure of Interstate 80 does for business. My concern is that those big rigs are the last to roll when Interstate 80 is reopened. I feel this is wrong due to the fact that more people are affected when those truckers are asked to sit idling. It not only affects them monetarily, but there are people, merchants and services in those mountain communities that are counting on the deliveries made by those trucks. Truckers know how to traverse snow safer than anyone driving a four-wheel vehicle. While living in Truckee (I observed) seven out of 10 accidents involved four-wheel-drive vehicles. I would really like to see in the future that the big rigs are allowed to go first along with the CHP when Interstate 80 is reopened. This would be a way to show our unspoken appreciation for those men and woman who haul our needs and wants daily. The snow isn’t going to melt in the time frame that the big rigs are allowed to keep those wheels rolling. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista