Keep veterans’ parade peaceful

Reader Input
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In response to Thad Westphalia’s letter (Reader Input, Nov. 17), it is mildly amusing that some who claim to be free thinkers and advocates for peace stoop to the lowest form of sensationalism to make their point. Mr. Westphalia’s letter clearly goes off-point when he attempts to claim to know what I think and likening me to war criminals, guards at Abu Ghraib Prison and even murderous Somali soldiers. All this for an idea I had for a peaceful protest. I chose to speak out against the Veterans for Peace organization (VFP), and the timing of their political message during our Veterans Day parade. In a world where political correctness is pounded into the head of every man, woman and child, is it politically correct for an organization that offends many veterans and soldiers to make a political statement on their day of honor? Mr. Westphalia, I ask you, If the VFP members are truly Veterans for Peace, would they have allowed themselves to become involved in a physically violent altercation at last year’s parade? Couldn’t they have just walked away? They have a right to make a statement, but a responsibility to know the appropriate time. David Chaddock, Auburn