Keep your windfall and honor, too

Reader Input
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Here is why I think it is so important that wealthy retired police, fire and other public employees give back to their communities. It’s because their unions took too much on their behalf. Greed. However, I’m a capitalist small-business owner. I don’t really mind people getting rich and retiring millionaires, even on the public trust, as long as they earn it. Here is a way for honorable people to keep their retirement windfall and their honor, too. Like most surviving California small-business owners, I’m running pretty hard these days to maintain a lower-middle-class income. I don’t have much time to deal with corrupt politics and the tax and regulatory nightmare that is bankrupting us all. For individual redemption I believe it’s really important that rich, retired government employees consider finding their voices and start defending us small-business owners from the regulatory and tax nightmare that is bankrupting us all. We can’t print money forever, boys and girls. Somebody has to work. Now would be a good time to stand up and start earning those generous retirement pensions. Thank you for your consideration. SCOTT DENHAM, Truckee