Kerridge city’s ‘nightmare’

Reader Input
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Re: “Roseville hires new city manager after six-month search,” (Journal, May 9). Who did the City of Roseville speak to or consult before determining to hire the man who became our worst nightmare? By “our” I mean City of Sacramento residents and those who have been involved in the process long enough to know all the reasons not to hire Ray Kerridge. Under his watchful eye big developers came flocking. We weren’t against change and growth, but opposed inappropriate projects that threatened our historic preservation, landscape of trees and quality of life. He courted city advocates, winning them over and then betraying them one by one — advocates/people who continue to work to make Sacramento a great place to live. We were doing the hard work long before Ray Kerridge came on the scene and continue to work now that he’s gone. Be careful what to wish for, City of Roseville. Dig deep and ask a few more questions before signing on the dotted line. We thought he was our savior, too ... once! Barbara L. Steinberg, Sacramento