Kevin Hanley earns his votes

Reader Input
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There is a reason that the city of Auburn is not suffering and on the verge of bankruptcy in this time of universal economic woes. It is the leadership of some of our city council members. Kevin Hanley stands out as one of the hardest-working City Council members I have ever known. He is a person who gathers information and considers the facts, before he acts. If Kevin has one fault as a politician, it is that he is not one to toot his own horn. So, those of us who have seen how hard he works will do it for him. That is why I am writing this letter. I have seen the effort he makes as a council member firsthand while serving with him on the City Council, as well as on the Think Auburn First committee. His unselfish effort to promote our local businesses has taken an extraordinary amount of his time and energy, but we have all benefited greatly from it. The citizens of this community are safer because of his hard work on the Greater Auburn Fire Safe Council and his leadership in facilitating with the Bureau of Land Management an agreement to allow a public/private partnership in clearing dangerous brush in the canyon that surrounds Auburn. Go to Kevin’s website if you want to learn more and please join me in voting for Kevin Hanley in November. Cheryl Maki, Auburn