Kids are teased because of differences, not race

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With interest I read your article about Weimar Hills School students teasing that young girl, because she was part black, Journal, Feb. 3.. If it is any consolation she was teased because she was different, not black. Our daughter spent four years at Weimar Hills in the Special Ed program. She was tormented and teased daily. She was groped, assaulted and humiliated. She wanted a friend so badly she tried to attract attention, she now realizes that was not appropriate. One day she proudly told me she had a friend, then suddenly that girl wouldn't talk to her, the reason she found out was because she also was teased. My daughter told her that's OK you don't need to be my friend, I know what it's like to be teased and I understand. I was very happy when no tolerance rule was enforced, but by then it was too late, she wouldn't tell me about the incidences, until I asked why the bruises and scratches? Now she is 24 years old, being treated for depression, living in Sacramento, her greatest fear is to see one of those students again and being subjected to that abuse again. Are you parents proud of the values you have instilled in your children? Ellie Clark Applegate