Kill the death row dwellers

Reader Input
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I am responding to Paul Comiskey’s letter of March 2 titled “Death row costs way too much.” Why? Because our elected officials and judges keep them in prison for 20-, 30-years-plus. Excuse me, wasn’t their sentence “death?” So I ask why are they in “death row” for 20-, 30-years-plus? Makes no sense, right? How about we use some “common sense” and “logic?” Oh, I forgot, those are in very short supply these days, especially with our elected officials! I have a “novel” idea. Why don’t we “execute” them? Oh, that makes way too much “common sense” and uses too much “logic” of which again is in very short supply. Comiskey states that it cost $175,000 more to keep a prisoner on death row, add that to the $47,000 average/inmate and you have a cost of $222,000 per year. Multiply that times 30 years $6.7 million per inmate, times 718 inmates for $5 billion. And our elected officials want to build a new $500 million “death row” facility for these scumbags and we know from past experience if the government says $500 million it’s really $1 billion. Why? Because they do very little if anything efficiently: cost overruns, payoffs, bribes, etc., etc. I say one court appeal, two max and those with DNA evidence against them certainly one appeal max one-two years in prison, not appeal after appeal after appeal. Flip the switch, as in “execute” and we save $6 billion of “taxpayer money.” Oh, what the heck am I thinking? Way too much “common sense” and “logic” in that thought process. One other thing, “We the People” voted for the “Death Penalty” back in 1977 and once again our elected officials and judges have ignored the will of “We the People”!  Flip the damn switch! Steve Cavolt, Auburn