Killer may stalk Auburn’s canals

Reader Input
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Auburn area canals have become deadly during the past couple of years and no one seems to care. The problem, however, is not unfenced canals. We’ve had canals for years without issues. Putting a fence to completely surround every canal is a ridiculous idea. You cannot fence in every place that could be possibly dangerous. If that’s the case, why don’t we fence in all rivers and creeks, too? Let’s fence in the confluence while we’re at it. The fact of the matter is I do not believe these men died because they “accidentally” fell into unfenced canals. It’s too much of a coincidence that six men would die in the same place in less than two years. If it was six cats that had been found dead in a two-year period, animal rights groups would be doing everything they could to find out who was harming them. Yet with these men, who have just as much value as any other person living in our town, no one seems to care. To say “there’s no foul play” because the last man who lost his life did not yell — he was pushed in but only yelled for help — doesn’t fit, either. It seems like when your survival instincts kick in all you care about is getting help, not explaining how you got into the situation. Is it not feasible that someone is buying these men alcohol, waiting for them to get inebriated and then pushing them in? Is anyone researching this further? Is anyone doing more? Right now it honestly feels like we have someone killing homeless people that live in our community and no one cares. Nancie Goodnough, Auburn